Commercial Property Solicitor – Academy Land Conversion Specialist

A new vacancy has arisen within a local authority situated in North Cambs (no prizes for guessing who it is!). Estimated to be 1-2 months in length, starting within the next 2 weeks – covering until the council have got their new permanent recruits in place.

They need somebody able to deal with academy conversions. You need to have experience in school land and specifically church school land. Experience in dealing with conversions would be ideal but essentially all that is involved for that is the grant of a lease – it is more knowledge and experience of the land ownership issues and dealing with the diocese that is essential.

If you are interested and this is suitable please let me know. A quick couple of lines confirming your experience dealing with academy conversions and/or school land/church school land would be very beneficial.

Contact: Jonathan Fagan

Date: 23rd January 2018