Will I get any travelling allowance whilst working as a locum?

Q: Will I get any travelling allowance?  

A: We do not pay our locums anything and this includes expenses. It is quite rare to find law firms and in house legal departments prepared to pay expenses or a contribution towards them. Usually, the hourly rate agreed is considered to be the overall amount payable.

However, there is no harm in asking before you start an assignment. If you want to include mileage or other expenses in your rate we can negotiate this with the employer before you start. It is rare for this to happen and may also affect your potential chances of securing a booking.

For most assignments in popular areas, eg London, we have a good number of locums available for the majority of the year to choose from. For these posts, we do not recommend requesting mileage or other expenses. However, there are some assignments where you are more likely to get a favourable response.

Some employers may actually provide overnight accommodation as part of the package. Some sole practitioners will offer you the use of their house whilst they go on holiday or know a friendly bed and breakfast owner who will do a good rate.