In House Commercial Litigation Solicitor in London

We seem to be picking up a lot of these assignments at the moment as companies work out that it is infinitely cheaper to use someone in house on a one-off basis than to get external firms of solicitors to deal. The trade off is of course the chance to sue the solicitor for negligence if anything goes wrong and this is why solicitors’ firms charge more as they carry insurance to protect themselves. However if you are comfortable using a solicitor to advise you internally but with no liability if everything goes pear shaped, then getting an interim lawyer to assist could save you well over 300% per hour, if not considerably more. Contact us today on 0207 127 4343 to discuss your work.. You’ll be amazed.

A UK company have a litigation matter involving the infringement of the use of a chemical formula in an external jurisdiction. The matter has not progressed further than initial correspondence between the two parties. The value of any claim is estimated to be worth c£100-500k although this is a very rough estimate.

The company are looking for someone to deal with the case as their in house lawyer and provide ad hoc advice when needed. Based in Greater London, but the majority of the work can of course be done remotely.

It is likely this will be ongoing for some time to come, although from speaking to the company I doubt it will involve a lot more than say 10 hours a week, possibly considerably less and quite flexible to fit around existing commitments. From speaking to the company it sounds to be more of a standard litigation matter than specialist IP work. .

Any interest please let me know – an indication of your proposed hourly rate would be useful, together with your availability to start.