Outsourcing Title Checking for Conveyancing Lawyers

The Benefits of Outsourcing Title Checking for Conveyancing in the UK

In the fast-paced world of property transactions, conveyancing solicitors face increasing pressure to deliver quick and accurate services. Title checking, a critical step in the conveyancing process, involves thorough scrutiny of the legal title to ensure it is free of defects that might affect the property’s value or legality. As the demand for efficient conveyancing grows, many law firms are turning to outsourcing as an option. This article explores the advantages of outsourcing title checking for conveyancing in the UK, highlighting key providers, including https://interimlawyers.co.uk.

Why Outsource Title Checking?

1. Efficiency and Speed
Outsourcing title checking can significantly speed up the conveyancing process. Service providers are equipped with the tools and expertise to quickly identify potential issues, ensuring that the conveyancing timeline is adhered to. This is particularly valuable for demanding stressed-out clients in need of speed.

2. Cost-Effectiveness
Hiring full-time staff to handle peak periods of conveyancing work can be financially inefficient. Outsourcing allows firms to manage costs more flexibly, paying for title checking services only when needed. This approach eliminates the overheads associated with permanent staff.

An example of price structures is below:

£20 if freehold
£30 if freehold and search report
£30 if unregistered freehold
£40 if unregistered and search report
£60 if leasehold
£70 if leasehold and search report
£80 if unregistered leasehold
£100 if unregistered and search report
£100 if freehold new build
£120 if leasehold new build
£150 if leasehold, new build and shared ownership
25%- uplift for 24 hour turnaround.

3. Expertise and Accuracy
Some outsourced providers specialise in title checks and often have systems and technologies that allow them to perform these checks more thoroughly and accurately than generalist in-house teams. This expertise reduces the risk of errors and omissions, which can lead to disputes or claims against the firm. Furthermore, if you use Interim Lawyers, we tend to work with highly experienced qualified conveyancers who will have a lot more experience than junior paralegals or fee earners.

4. Focus on Core Activities
By outsourcing time-consuming tasks like title checking, solicitors can focus on core activities that add greater value to their clients (and are more interesting!).

5. Scalability
Outsourcing offers scalability that is difficult to achieve internally. During periods of high demand, outsourced providers can quickly scale up their services to handle the increased workload, ensuring that the firm can take on more business without compromising service quality.

Key Providers of Outsourced Title Checking Services

Interim Lawyers
Website: Interim Lawyers
Interim Lawyers offers locum solicitor services to law firms, including specialised conveyancing support. Their team of experienced remote working locum conveyancers can handle detailed title checks, providing a reliable outsourced solution that integrates seamlessly with existing firm operations. Ad hoc title checker work is the usual type of title checking undertaken by Interim Lawyers.

Legal Outsourcing 2.0
Legal Outsourcing 2.0 offers comprehensive legal process outsourcing services, including conveyancing support. They provide detailed property title checks, ensuring compliance and accuracy in all transactions.

The Law Support Group
Specialising in support for legal firms, The Law Support Group offers a range of outsourced services, including title checking. Their dedicated team ensures that all conveyancing documentation is meticulously reviewed and validated.

Conveyancing Outsourcing Services (COS)
COS specialises in providing outsourced support for conveyancing processes. Their services include full title investigations, ensuring that each transaction is based on a solid legal foundation.

Exigent provides a broad spectrum of legal process outsourcing services, with a particular focus on real estate transactions. Their title checking services are designed to streamline conveyancing procedures, reducing time and cost for legal firms.


Outsourcing title checking in conveyancing offers numerous benefits, from enhanced efficiency and cost management to improved accuracy and client service. As the legal landscape becomes more competitive, leveraging the expertise of specialised providers like Interim Lawyers can help law firms maintain a competitive edge, ensuring they can meet client expectations and expand their operations without sacrificing quality. Whether managing a high volume of transactions or handling complex property deals, outsourcing is a strategic choice that can lead to significant advantages for any legal practice in the UK.