Remote Working UK Conveyancing Solicitor or Lawyer

FILLED An unusual role has cropped up with a firm of licensed conveyancers. They are looking to outsource their residential conveyancing title checking work to an external locum, consultant or company.

It is anticipated that there will be about 30 title checks each month.

You can undertake this work from home or their offices in the East Midlands.

If this sounds of interest we suspect that stating a price per title check is possibly the best way forward, rather than indicating an hourly rate without saying how much it is likely to cost the firm.

Either that or indicate the hourly rate and the typical time it will take you to complete a title check.

Please bear in mind that this will be ongoing work and you will need to presumably factor in that some checks will take longer than others, but the rate ideally needs to be uniform – and lower than it would cost someone in house to do (otherwise there is little sense in outsourcing).

Jonathan Fagan,

19th September 2019