Residential Conveyancing in Potters Bar, Herts

A new vacancy has arisen with a solicitors firm based in Potters Bar – looking for a conveyancing locum for starting ideally tomorrow and covering next week as well – to Thursday April 12th. High street practice located about 1km from the station. Sense of dejavu about this role as we advertised for it a few weeks ago! Looks as if the firm went with another locum who has been there for most of it but then has found they can’t cover for the duration. Could be hopelessly wrong of course.. Incidentally this is not Stanley De Leon in Potters Bar, who appear to have taken on one of our locums in August 2016 whilst being aware that their owner had just been made bankrupt and failed to pay both the locum or ourselves. To borrow a phrase from Donald Trump – #disgraceful.

Consultant dealing: Jonathan Fagan

Date posted: 5th April 2017