Useful Links for Locum Solicitors

We thought a list of useful websites for locum solicitors may be helpful, so here goes!

A detailed list of 100 useful websites for solicitors in the UK, each providing various services from legal research, case law, regulatory guidance, professional development, and more.

Legal Research and Case Law

  1. BAILII (British and Irish Legal Information Institute)
  2. Westlaw
  7. ICLR (The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting)
  8. HUDOC (European Court of Human Rights Database)
  9. Law Society
  10. Practical

Regulatory Bodies and Professional Associations

  1. The Law Society of England and
  2. The Bar
  3. Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)
  4. Legal
  5. Scottish Law
  6. The Faculty of
  7. Northern Ireland Law

Networking and News

  2. Legal
  3. Chambers and
  4. The
  6. Legal

Continuing Professional Development

  1. CPD Online
  2. Law Society Practice Advice
  3. Legal Education
  4. Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC)

Specialist Areas

  1. Property Law
  2. Employment Lawyers
  3. Family Law Bar
  4. Criminal Bar
  5. The Insolvency Lawyers’
  6. Personal Injury
  7. Association of Lawyers for
  8. British Association for Sport and
  9. Medical Law and Ethics
  10. Association of Contentious Trust and Probate Specialists (ACT)

Legal Support and Services

  1. Legal Support
  2. Society of Legal
  3. UK Legal
  4. Solicitors Assistance
  5. LawWorks (The Solicitors Pro Bono Group)

Online Forums and Communities

  2. UK Business Forums – Legal
  3. The Law Forum
  4. Reddit – UK