Using Locum Recruitment Consultants – We Are Your Friend!

Most of the time, we work with locum solicitors who know us. They understand that we are nice, decent people who enjoy helping them find work. We have worked with some of our locums for over 20 years.

Sometimes however we work with locum lawyers working mainly on assignments for other agencies who seem to see us as the enemy. They refuse to send over their invoices when asked, we get rude emails from them, they don’t communicate with us once an assignment has started, and they are generally difficult to work with.

I am not sure if this is a reflection on the legal recruitment industry as a whole – there are of course a load of shysters and snake oil salespeople at loose – or just stressed out locums not appreciating how they are behaving. However I thought I would write an article to try to explain to all locums that we are your friends. In the current competitive and ever-changing legal landscape, you need to harness every tool and resource available to advance their careers.

We are often an under-utilised resource, but similarly we are also forgotten about by some locums the moment an assignment starts.

Understanding the Role of Legal Recruitment Consultants

Other than being the spawn of Satan (for some!), our job is very simple. Legal recruitment consultants serve as intermediaries between law firms seeking talent and legal professionals seeking new opportunities. Our main goal is to match the right candidate with the right role, ensuring a beneficial arrangement for both parties. This means making sure both sides are happy, and this can involve a lot of confidential advice being provided to law firm owners and locums about the positives and negatives of assignments and locums.

Build a Strategic Partnership with us!

To truly benefit from our expertise as recruitment consultants, candidates should view this relationship as a strategic partnership (apologies for the business buzz words). This involves:

  • Communicating Clearly and Regularly: All our locums sign agreements with us, which includes an obligation to send us their invoices on a monthly basis. Please do this. Without the provision, we don’t get paid. This tends to annoy us greatly. Keep your consultant informed about your preferred firm culture, your ideal rates, locations and hours, and specific legal interests. Regular updates about any changes in your career goals or circumstances can help us align opportunities with your specific circumstances.
  • Being Open to Feedback: We can provide constructive feedback on everything from CV presentation to interview techniques. Some of our locum CVs are terrible, but certain locums don’t like criticism, so the CVs remain awful and impact on future work. Our feedback will be informed by our in-depth knowledge of the legal market and specific client needs. This can be crucial for refining your approach and increasing your marketability.

Utilising Market Insights

Recruitment consultants have their fingers on the pulse of the legal job market. They can provide:

  • Salary Benchmarks: Understanding what your skills are worth in different geographical and practice areas can help you negotiate more effectively. Use our monthly hourly rates update.
  • Industry Trends: Consultants can inform you about in-demand skills, emerging legal fields, and the health of different legal markets. This information is vital for those considering a specialisation or a career pivot. Read our monthly legal job reports.

Navigating Job Opportunities

Consultants have access to a wide range of job opportunities, including some that may never be advertised publicly. They can:

  • Access Hidden Markets: Many law firms use consultants exclusively to fill positions. These opportunities are often not listed on job boards or even the firm’s own website.
  • Tailor Job Searches: Based on your career goals and feedback, consultants can customise job searches to better fit your profile and career aspirations.

Preparing for Interviews and Negotiations

A major advantage of working closely with us is our ability to prepare candidates for interviews and negotiations. We can offer:

  • Insight into Firm Culture: We sometimes have in-depth knowledge of the culture and expectations of the firms we recruit for. This information can be crucial in preparing for interviews and understanding whether a firm will be a good fit.
  • Negotiation Assistance: Skilled in negotiation, consultants can often secure better hourly rates on your behalf. Similarly we can give you realistic hourly rates that will result in you getting work rather than being overlooked.

Long-Term Career Planning

Finally, recruitment consultants can be invaluable in long-term career planning. They can help you:

  • Plan Your Career Path: By understanding your professional goals, consultants can advise on potential career paths and the steps needed to achieve them.
  • Stay Informed of Opportunities: Even after you secure a position, keeping in touch with your consultant can help you stay aware of future opportunities and market changes that could impact your career.

We are always happy to provide careers advice to our locums – just give us a call!


We are not the enemy, we don’t sell assignments and we don’t push unsuitable locums onto our law firm and in house legal department clients. We want everyone to be happy, including ourselves, and you need to work with us, not against us! If you are working with other agencies and you don’t like them, please don’t take this out on us. We work in a non-stressful environment, our consultants do not have sales targets, and we like to remain relaxed throughout our working day. If you want to work with high pressure sales people, please visit any one of our competitors!