Wills and Probate Solicitor in Frome, Somerset

A slightly unusual vacancy has arisen with a law firm based in Frome, Somerset (south of Bath). Local train station. They are looking for a wills & probate locum as follows:


1. On an ongoing basis, working part time for 2-3 days per week until they recruit permanently; or
2. Working 1-2 weeks each month (can be flexible) and then coming back the following month again for the same.

They have an urgent need for assistance as so far they have been unable to recruit a replacement wills & probate solicitor or ILEX on a permanent basis and there is a large ongoing case they need assistance with in particular.

I should add that this is non-contentious wills & probate.

Jonathan Fagan


31st July 2018

Hourly rate anticipated: £35-40 per hour.